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So, what next?

What's next?

What’s next?

You all know by now what the GCCO board and a whole host of volunteers have been up to. Colorado can now proudly boast about having the largest GeoArt in the world. Pretty cool time to be a geocacher in Colorado – as if we didn’t have enough with the mountains, much less the best weather and best cachers. We know that there will be other groups out there that will try and match or even top our feat. That’s OK, let them try. It was no easy task.

We don’t want to just sit around and wait for others to try to be as cool as us. We want to know :

“What do you want to see next?”

We are on a high from the great support and appreciation we have received from the reveal at the event last weekend, so take advantage of it. We are pretty much open to any crazy, insane, whacky idea so long as it will show others that Colorado is the best state for geocaching.

Leave us a comment with your wildest ideas.


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May Questions of the Day


May 1

Hello Colorado geocachers – can you believe it is May already?  We would like to celebrate this beautiful month with an extraordinary geocaching event on May 31st http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC53KWX_gcco-presents There will be fabulous prizes at this event, which you can only claim by correctly answering the ’31 Colorado Trivia facts of May’. We will be posting a trivia question everyday in May leading to the event – simply provide the correct answers at the event and you will get a fabulous prize! It’s May 1st already, so let’s begin:

Q: This Colorado County was established March 8th, 1913, when it split from Costilla County and Conejos County. Comment your answers below, and don’t forget to write it down and bring it with you to the event! See you there!!!!

May 2

We are moving on to Question #2 for the month of May!! Hope you have the correct answer to yesterdays question!

Q: Located in Black Forest CO, What is the name of the home that is believed to be a “vortex” of paranormal activity? Thousands of reports of lights, noises, and apparitions are reported to this day. Comment your answers below, and be sure to bring the answers to all this months questions to http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC53KWX_gcco-presents

May 3

Ready for question #3 today?

Q: Located in Estes Park, CO., this hotel claims it is the inspiration for Stephen Kings “The Shining”, and later, the movie version was filmed there. There is also a long history of “ghostly adventures” occurring there.

May 4

May the 4th be with you! And on this day, we present question #4 for the Question a Day in May!! All leading up to a special event on May 31st!! Q: Who became the youngest head coach in the NFL when he joined the Denver Broncos in 1981 as vice president and head coach?

May 5

How about todays question a little early today?? Remember, these questions are all a part of GCCO’s big event on May 31st! Save your answers as they MAY just come in handy!

Q: What statutory town in Chaffee County was incorporated on November 8th, 1879 and has the motto “8000 feet above average”?

May 6

A Question a Day in May continues!!! Today is question number 6!

Q; What 265,761 acre National Park was established Jan 26, 1915 and is located in Larimer, Grand, and Boulder counties? a common question lately… “Why free up the day if the event is only an hour?”  Our answer “Yes”

May 7

Well, well, well…. another day, another question!! hang on to your answers to all these questions throughout the month of May, all leading up to the event on the 31st!! Dont miss out!! be there!! **********************************************************************************************

Q: What Colorado 14’er peaks at 14,043 ft above sea level in the Sangre De Cristo Range? **********************************************************************************************

May 8

And on the 8th day….. the 8th question for our “Question a Day in May”!! We are getting closer to the big event!! Dont miss out!! **********************************************************************************************

Q: What Colorado Avalanche player was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2012? He was the longtime captain, and also the all time points, goals, and assists leader for the franchise. **********************************************************************************************

May 9

Welcome to day #9 of “A Question a Day in May”! All leading up to a very special event on May 31st!!  **********************************************************************************************

Q: This was designated as the official state insect in 1996, thanks to very persistent 4th graders at Wheeling Elementary School in Aurora, CO. What is this insect? Feel free to post pics of it! **********************************************************************************************

May 10

Better late than never!!! Sorry, got caught up caching today! Question number 10 is now here!!! **********************************************************************************************

Q South Fork, CO. The haunted rooms at this lodge are 1, 6, and 7. Some of the strange things that happen here include a little girl ghost who peers out of an upstairs window, doors that open and close on their own, voices, footsteps, lights that go on and off, and a woman’s apparition. What is the name of this very active lodge?

And dont forget to add a “will attend” for the event on the 31st!! See you all there with answers in hand!!

May 11

Happy Mothers Day!! Hope everyone is enjoying the great Coloradoweather today!! Question 11 is here!! And as you may already know, these questions are all a part of a VERY important event on may 31st!! **********************************************************************************************

Q: What statutory town in Morgan County was incorporated June 12, 1956 and sits at an official elevation of 4,324 feet? **********************************************************************************************

Log your “will attend” today!! :D

May 12

Day 12!! Almost to the halfway point!! Todays Question a Day in may is…. **********************************************************************************************

Q: Born in Mannassa, Colorado on June 24th, 1895,This famous Boxer wrote “How to fight Tough.” he died in New York on May 31st, 1983


We know you are all wondering what the deal is.. Why the questions? Why the event? Why east of Denver? We want to build excitement, intrigue, and to stir up the curiosity of the unknown… If we tell you, it wouldn’t be a surprise!! And if you happen to figure it out, please dont tell anyone else because we WANT the surprise factor!! trust me!! This is BIG!! You DO NOT want to miss this!! (Not to mention a drawing for an AWESOME prize!!)

May 13

Welcome to Day number 13 of A Question a Day in May! As the special event day gets closer and closer, the excitement starts to build!! We talk a lot about how to throw out more hints to keep the interest, but the problem seems to be that cachers are way to smart, and almost everything is a giveaway! You’re all conditioned to solve puzzles!! :D So bear with us just a little while longer!! **********************************************************************************************

Q: Who was born in Fowler, CO. and was a charter member of both the College Hall of Fame (1951) and the NFL Hall of Fame (1963)?


May 14

QUESTION A DAY IN MAY!! welcome to day number 14!! We are soooooo close to the halfway mark!! I really hope everyone is getting as pumped up as we are!!  **********************************************************************************************

Q: This tree has cones that are yellow-brown, short, squatty and unique. At one to two inches long, each cone contains 10 to 20 large, edible seeds. it grows at elevations of 5,200 to 9,000 feet and can reach a height of 20 to 50 feet. You will find this tree in open woodlands, alone, or with junipers on dry, rocky foothills, mesas and plateaus. What is the name of this tree? **********************************************************************************************

For some of you, this is a fair distance away, but we’re sure you’ll have miles and miles of fun!! Be sure to check the updated cache page!!! There may be another drawing prize on there!! (hint hint)

May 15

We are gearing up!! Buttoning up some last minute items before the big event!!! We have been BUSY BUSY BUSY!!! And why, do you ask?? because of you!! the cacher! whether you’re a lover of LPC’s, puzzles, or that 5 difficulty hike. Whether you’re an FTF chaser, or a numbers chaser, a veteran or a newbie, You are all important cachers to us!! So todays Question a Day in May…. **********************************************************************************************

Q: What is the name of the two way 4WD trail that runs from Fairplay to Leadville, at an elevation of 13,188 feet? **********************************************************************************************

We are really liking the addition of pictures with your answers. keep it up!! Maybe we will share some (spoiler) pictures with you soon! :D

May 16

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has great plans for the weekend. Hope caching is included in there somewhere! Question number 16 is here!


Q: What atrocity in the Indian Wars occured on November 29, 1864 when a 700 man force of the Colorado Territory Militia attacked and destroyed a peaceful village encamped in southeastern Colorado Territory (in present day Kiowa County) ? This was also the inspiration for the Iron Maiden song “Run to the Hills” **********************************************************************************************

Look what showed up today!! The drawing prize for the event!!! Now who couldnt use another one of these??? And we may have another little surprise loaded into that box…

May 17

Hope everyone is having a fine weekend! welcome to todays issue of A Question a Day in May!! Day #17 brings this question: **********************************************************************************************

Q: Built in 1878, in a heavily forested area, this town was first called Forrest City. This “ghost town” is also well known for its rock hounding of quartz and aquamarine, along with great camping locations and upper mountain fishing. What is this town? **********************************************************************************************

May 18

Lets get todays question out early today! Today is the 18th day of the month, and also the 18th question for the Question a Day in May!


Q: There is a street in Colorado that is known as the longest street in America. What is the name of the street and who was it named after?


Everyone getting pumped?? Everyone still not sure what to make of all this?? Everyone tired of my posts?? :D Feel free to inbox me! Otherwise, we will see you all there!! Bring all your caching friends!!!

May 19

Better late than never!! Today is question #19 for the Question a Day in May! Getting closer!! How is your excitement level? ours is going thru the roof!!


Q: What is the oldest active Wherigo in Colorado and who is the CO? **********************************************************************************************

We hear there are a few little rumors going around about what this event is all about. We love those rumors! Rumors create curiosity. Curiosity creates intrigue. Intrigue will bring you out to the event! Got any caching friends that dont do events? Bring them!! They wont be disappointed, either. :o)

May 20

Day 20!!!! We are less than 2 weeks away from the big event!! The clock is ticking!! Todays question? **********************************************************************************************

Q: In 1977, Serial murderer Ted Bundy jumped from the window of the courthouse library in this Colorado town and escaped. He was arrested 6 days later after trying to drive a stolen car out of the city. What is this town? **********************************************************************************************

May 21

Question a Day in May! Day number 21. We have learned quite a bit about our great state just by posting these little factoids. Hopefully, some of you have also!  **********************************************************************************************

Q: The highest vertical climb: Rising 1,700 feet, this sheer rock face is even higher than the famous diamond on Longs Peak and was not conquered until 1969. where is it? **********************************************************************************************

May 22

Welcome to day 22!! we have been asking trivia questions about Colorado. Tree species, counties, history, ghost towns.. the list goes on. You all have been doing great! None of the answers should be difficult, but I’m thinking we have made them too easy! So with that said… here’s another easy one!!
Q: Ghosts reported at this 40-room Victorian castle are thought to be those of the Francolon family, and include a woman in a black dress who shows up as a reflection. There are also reports of a man, and a little girl. What is the name of this castle?

May 23
Q: No crops are grown around this town, north of Durango. At 9,318 feet elevation, Its growing season between frosts is only two weeks. San Juan County there is reportedly the only county in the U.S. without a single acre of agricultural land. what is the name of this town?
Anyone have any clues as to what the heck we are doing??? At this point, I’m not sure I even remember!!! haha!! We really hope to see you all there on Saturday, May 31st!! I’ll split my donut with ya!!

May 24

Q: Located in Bennett, CO., Its one of those sites where high school kids like to hang out and tell stories. This place has been said to have been the scene of a car accident where some students were killed. Folks also say that this place is near a terrible Native American massacre. What is the name of this place?

May 25
Welcome to day number 25 of “A Question a Day in May”!
Q: Founded in 1972, what team moved to Colorado in 1995 and is now known as the Colorado Avalanche?
We are almost there, everyone! Just a few more days!! The excitement builds, and someone keeps changing the name of the event! hmmm…..
There may be a spoiler or two coming soon, but hints are hard since there are so many puzzle solvers out there!!

May 25

Happy Memorial Day! We are almost down to hours, for the BIG event!! Today is question #26.
Q: What silent film actor was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado on April 1, 1883? He earned the nickname “The Man of a Thousand Faces” and starred in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and “The Phantom of the Opera”
So what happens after the big event on Saturday?? May i suggest going for a drive? a little sightseeing? birdwatching? A little caching? Maybe we can all just hang out and socialize? Its completely up to you!! But might I suggest you keep your options open, as this event just might steer you in a certain direction!!

May 26
Happy Memorial Day! We are almost down to hours, for the BIG event!! Today is question #26.
Q: What silent film actor was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado on April 1, 1883? He earned the nickname “The Man of a Thousand Faces” and starred in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and “The Phantom of the Opera”
So what happens after the big event on Saturday?? May i suggest going for a drive? a little sightseeing? birdwatching? A little caching? Maybe we can all just hang out and socialize? Its completely up to you!! But might I suggest you keep your options open, as this event just might steer you in a certain direction!!

May 27
we are sooooooo close!! Hope everyone made note of the small change to the cache page. We have moved the event to the park in Bennett. Now on to todays question!!
Q: ‘Hidden’ 08/16/2004, it is the second oldest Earthcache in the world. (It is reported that the first three Earthcaches placed in the united states were all in Colorado, per a groundspeak blog). what is the name of this Earthcache?

May 28

HEY HEY HEY!!! Just another couple days!!!! Lets get those “will attends” logged!! nice to have a head count!
Q: This inedible Colorado mushroom varies in color from yellow to red with white spore print & it stains black. It was once thought to be poisonous and associated with witches. What is the name of this mushroom?
Ok, everyone. We are coming down to the wire!! is ANYONE excited??? I know that everyone involved in the making of this event is, at least!! We are all scrambling, trying to do the “last minute touch ups”. A lot went into the making of this event, and we hope you all love and appreciate it!! You’ll see!!!

May 29

We are under the 48 hour mark!! Whooo hoooo!!! Todays question is number 29.
Q: This 4X4 trail is a moderate rated 3.77 mile long trail located in Teller County. The elevation goes from 7,642 up to 9,030. After the Hayman fire in 2002 the trail was closed, and reopened as far as the county line in 2009. What is the name of this trail?

Are you aware of any cachers that have not been informed of this BIG event?? Call or email them today! Dont let them miss out!!

May 30

Today we will do 2 questions, since everyone will be busy heading to Bennett!!
Q: What Jazz Conductor was born in Colorado on March 28, 1890 and was known as The King of Jazz? He died at 77 on December 29, 1967
Q: What is the name of the statutory town in Otero County was incorporated June 6th, 1906 and is officially at 4,121 ft?
There is all is!! 31 days of Colorado trivia facts!! Why did we do this? because its fun!! Come on out to the event tomorrow to find out the other reason we did it!! Dont forget to tell everyone!! We will have a 2014 gold GCCO coin, a brand new GPSr, and a couple other little goodies for the drawing!!! See you ALL there!!!!